Why the Census Counts with Dimple Ajmera

City Council At-Large Member Dimple Ajmera recently spoke to MeckCounts about why the 2020 Census is so important.

“The census is very important to ensure that our voice is being represented at the table, and most importantly, our education system is well funded,” she says. “So if you care about schools, if you care about children, you have to make sure you participate in the process.”

Ajmera encourages everyone to complete the census when they get their letter in the mail. “Please fill out the survey when you have it because this is going to affect our education, this is going to affect our future.”


According to her City Council bio, Ajmera has lived the American dream. With little means, her parents immigrated here to provide their children with greater opportunities. Proving her tenacity, she graduated from Southern High School in Durham and went on to the University of Southern California and later became a Certified Public Accountant. After joining City Council, Ajmera left her lucrative six-figure career in order to devote her full attention to a position and mission she valued – helping to make Charlotte a place where everyone has a chance to succeed and prosper, regardless of background or geography.




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